Commercial Owners

Metco investment Realty, Inc., founded in 1972, is a full-service real estate brokerage handling sales, leasing and property management of residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Lane County.

Our commercial property managers focus on increasing property values for our clients with careful budget and operational efficiency.  We work with owners and tenants to promote healthy businesses and successful commercial investments.

How we do it!

  • We are fully computerized in our property management division allowing for online tenant payments, ACH payments to owners and owner portals for owners to access their account/property activity at any time.  Our system allows us to handle all property related income and expenses for each owner.  Multiple itemized computer reports are emailed or mailed to owners at the first of the month.
  • We are a member of RMLS, CID, LOOPNET and RLID which, in addition to our hands-on daily experiences allows us to keep breasts of changing market conditions.
  • We work with our commercial/industrial property owners, we negotiate and prepare lease renewals as well as new leases.
  • In depth knowledge and experience and fully compliant with Oregon Landlord Tenant law.  Communication with tenants with respect to any breach of a lease is addressed immediately and appropriate action is taken in a timely fashion.
  • Communication with owners is immediate with respect to any adverse problem with their property.
  • Quick response to maintenance requests by tenants.  A good tenant given good service will be a long-term tenant.